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Jun 14, 2019


The lust for mundane things of life portend danger for everlasting life in the kingdom of heaven, Monsignor Cletus Gotan of the Archdiocese of Jos has warned. Msgr. Gotan gave the warning in his homily at the wake-keep Mass for the late emeritus Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Most Rev. Kevin Aje. The funeral vigil Mass took place recently, at the Holy Family Catholic Cathedral, Sokoto, Sokoto State.

According to the University Professor; “This life is very short and full of material things that can get in the way of our submission to the Almighty”. He however noted that it is not wrong to have these material possessions “as long as we remember our obligations to the Almighty and thank Him for his favours”.

The homilist continued: “We shouldn’t get be preoccupied with this temporary worldly abode and forget the hereafter, which is eternal and everlasting”. He added: “since the kingdom we are preparing for and where our beloved Bishop has gone to is a kingdom of justice, let us right now work for justice for all until justice forms the basis of governments, not pity.”

Other merits which the heavenly abode offer outlined by Msgr. Gotan include: equality of all human beings which begins in the grave; harmony which is the soul of the heavenly abode; true friendship and good neighbourliness; because in the kingdom of heaven, all will be brothers and sisters and we “must right now come closer and closer to our neighbours”.  According to him, getting lost in the luxuries of this world “make us to forget about our time, about our death and forget about our graves”.

Msgr. Gotan then advised: “Let us avail of the little opportunities that come our way every day – opportunities to be friendly, to be helpful, to be considerate, to be obliging … so that we may be spared the ache of sadness which good people often experience late in life at the realization of having left undone what they ought to have done.” He added  that we should concentrate on doing good rather than merely avoiding evil.

 The homilist spoke on the good virtues and qualities of the deceased noting that: “As a priest of the Archdiocese of Jos, Bishop offered a life of service to the people in various capacities that have changed the lives of so many people as Education Secretaries. Coordinator of JDPC, and Cathedral Administrator; as well as his invaluable service in the civil society.

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